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Get Your Brand Closer to Prospects Searching on Google Search

Search engine marketing ranks among the most targeted digital marketing strategies that let you put your products and services in front of prospects actively searching the web via Google Search. 

Enhance Digital has an all-inclusive Google search engine marketing service to handle your marketing strategies on the world’s largest search engine. We work with proven strategies that entail detailed research, implementation, testing, and performance tracking.

Make every Ad Spend Count with Our Google Search Engine Marketing Service

Enhance Digital offers SEM campaigns that seamlessly present your brand to customers already searching for your offerings on Google.

Get The Best of Online Advertising

Enhance Digital has provided Google search engine marketing services to hundreds of clients from different industries for more than a decade. We work with a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in digital marketing and years of expertise in online advertising.

One-stop Solutions to Your Search Engine Marketing Needs

Enhance Digital is a progressive and fully integrated digital marketing agency. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach, but our processes are custom-made to fit your specific needs while upholding Google’s SERP ranking requirements. We can deliver your brand in front of your audiences by placing you at the top of every Google search results page through paid and organic channels.

We have a portfolio of successful campaigns and a track record for delivering results to several businesses.

Our Google Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing services fall under different categories. We understand how every form of digital marketing works. We’ll implement the right strategies to present our clients with solutions that rank them at the top of SERPs and convert sales.

You’re good at running your business. But are you equally good with finding the best keywords that get your products and services in front of customers? We’re experts at that, and we can research low-cost keywords with a high conversion rate that customers are constantly using to find businesses on Google Search. We’ll help you create a budget, manage your PPC keyword bids, and find the best matching keywords to maximize your market share through the best-performing keywords.

Creating a search engine marketing campaign around other marketing strategies like Google Ads helps you refine your campaigns to achieve success. We’ll help you define your campaign goals, track your conversions with Google Analytics, target audiences according to their locations, and drive quality traffic to your site with the least possible PPC.

Engage our in-house copywriting experts to craft conversion copies for your search engine marketing campaigns. We’ll create text ads on your brand message, the right call-to-action messages that trigger emotions and generate massive click-throughs. We’ll run in-depth AB tests on your ad copies to ensure they’ll produce the highest response rates and conversions.

Any marketing campaign without proper tracking is not adequate. We’ll help you create campaign conversions and track revenue generation in Google Analytics and other tools to provide accurate information for proper optimization. Without monitoring tools, you can generate dashboard reports using APIs from other platforms to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI continuously.

Open a New Marketing Chapter with Our Google Search Engine Marketing Services

Enhance Digital is a savvy search engine marketing expert with a team of highly skilled marketing professionals. We can help you attain a new level of success with our top-notch Search engine marketing (SEM) services. Talk to us today!

Google Search Engine Marketing FAQ’s

Yes! We always advise business owners to enroll organic search and paid search into their marketing campaigns. Each of these aims to bring your brand closer to different audiences and, therefore, have varying strategies to achieve success. 

By using both strategies, you’ll develop a cohesive all-around approach to enhance your digital marketing efforts. 

Research has shown that the majority of Google Search users prefer organic search results to paid listings. As such, it’s vital to not only focus on paid ads but also engage other strategies that will organically put your brand at the top of the search engine results page.

With a paid search ads campaign, Enhance Digital can place your website at the top of the first search engine results page in 24 hours through Google Ads. However, if you choose to rely on an organic search campaign, it might take more time and will majorly depend on several other factors, including your current rank and the age of your website. 

Perhaps talking to our Google search marketing service expert can help you learn more and choose which strategy suits your business.

Our search engine marketing (SEM) services have varying costs based on the type of service bundled with the SEM, like local marketing, SEO, content development, and analytics. Talk to our representative to understand our pricing better.

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