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Increase Your Audience Outreach with Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are an excellent way to promote your business to internet users when browsing online, checking their emails, watching a YouTube video, or using their mobile phones. Google Display Network has a rich audience base, reaching over 90 percent of the global internet user population across millions of blogs, sites, news pages, YouTube, and Gmail. 

Enhance Digital is an experienced digital marketing firm with expertise in implementing the right strategies in your Google Display marketing campaign. We can help you build a more substantial online presence and increase your website traffic, directly turning into conversions.

What’s Google Display Network? Why Does It Matter to Your Campaign?

Google Ads has two networks; Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Advertising on Google Search Network requires business owners to place their ads in search engine results. On the other hand, Google Display places display ads on an extensive network of websites across the web.

You could be wondering, “what’s a display ad?” These are ads resembling visual banners and often appear on websites with ad support on the web. Google reports that Display Network has a global outreach of 90 percent internet users across more than 2 million websites. 

Google Display offers a more passive advertising format but has high effectiveness when deployed correctly.

Bring your Brand Closer to Your Prospects

Do you want to reach more customers with less hassle? Enhance Digital is a Google Display specialist who can get your message in front of the right audience.

Our business is helping yours to reach the right people, at the right time, on the right devices. We’ll create high-quality display ads tailored to your audience’s needs so that you can feel the effect of every cent spent on your ad spend.

Our Google Display campaign is custom-built with a custom budget to suit your digital marketing campaign. We don’t believe in one size fits all pricing models - we work with transparent pricing that gives you control of your budget.

We’re experts in Display advertising who know how to make sure you get maximum performance from your campaign. Let us help you achieve better results! When it comes to Google Display marketing, there are so many different types of display ads you can choose from to market your brand. Create visual ads that integrate with your message in creative ways that resonate with your audience. You can highlight images, videos, or presentations for users to watch with display ads without leaving the page.

How our Google Display Campaigns Work

Enhance Digital works with several practical approaches to ensure your displays ads get to the right audience.

Develop Campaign Structure and Strategy

Our display ad campaign works on a carefully planned structure to ensure ads get to the right audience. At Enhance Digital, we first create a comprehensive strategy according to your business objectives. Once we determine the right display network ads and publishers to work with, we launch your campaign and position it to reach the right people.

Targeted Approach

Any campaign can’t be a success without a target audience. We take this bit seriously by checking which class of audience you’re trying to reach. Then we take it further by looking at the demographics, purchase behavior, and the most visited sites. We’ll break down your business’ ad audience and find the most appropriate keyword combinations and site placements.

Display ad optimization

After building a Google Display ad campaign structure, we extend our strategies towards optimizing the campaigns and the ads for lead generation. The exciting bit is that we have an innovative design team that can create clear ads with the right call-to-action to maximize ad click-through. We’ll ensure that the ads are in line with your brand messaging. That’s not all; we’ll create different versions of the display ads to allow A/B testing to identify effective ones so we can focus on them to drive traffic continuously.

Landing Page Design

When a user clicks a display ad, the landing page needs to be in the best design to capture their attention and entice them to provide their contact information. We’ll help you design the best landing pages and create functional strategies that maximize converting visitors into sales leads. Our expert design team will create landing pages aligned with your display ad and consistent with your business’s branding.

Display Ad analysis and Report

How do you determine the strategies that are working and which ones aren’t? At Enhance Digital, we ensure that every display network ad campaign is monitored continually, highlighting areas that need improvement and optimization. We value transparency a lot. That’s why we share comprehensive reports regularly with complete analytics, together with an expert assessment to improve the efficacy of your Google Display campaign.

Stay Ahead of The Competition with Our Google Display Marketing Services

Don’t give your competitors an upper hand against your brand. Enhance Digital is a Google Display marketing company specializing in display ads on Google apps and websites, Facebook, Twitter advertising, and more.

It’s not enough to offer Google Display marketing services; it’s also essential to deliver higher ROI, more conversions, enhanced brand awareness – and the best customer service in the industry. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all your needs with quick responses, personalized consultations, and guaranteed results! 

Start a new chapter of digital marketing with us today, and let us deliver the quality traffic that converts!

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