Google Analytics

Measure and track your advertising ROI with Google Analytics & Tracking

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides you with free tools for analyzing the data for your business so you can take smarter decisions about marketing your business. Analytics provides you with complete information about the performance of your website or app and also the success of your marketing efforts. These unique insights from Google help you make the most of your data. Enhance Digital analytics experts work with the data to help you interpret your business data and use it to improve your marketing strategies.  

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics helps you shape your business success strategy. Whether you own a blog or an online store, you need to get into the business aspects and check out the numbers. The analytical data helps you dissect the information regarding your business so you can cater your services well to your customers.

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Reach out to past visitors who are already interested in your brand by showing them low-cost ads on Google.

Understanding your audience is the key to developing great marketing strategies. Having data about your visitors will help you get down to the roots and understand the needs of your customers. This is going to help you formulate marketing strategies and solutions that address their frustration points.

In order to draw attention to your business, you need to develop campaigns that reach out to your customers. However, the task doesn’t end there. Measuring the impact of the campaigns helps you shape your marketing content and garner more leads/customers.

Google Analytics helps you track the progress of your business. You can set special goals using Analytics tools that help you track your customer’s journey based on their actions. For instance, if a first-time visitor has signed up for a form providing their email address, then you can convert them with your strategies thereby adding to the success of your business.

Google Analytics helps you gain valuable insights into your competitor’s performance. You can compare your traffic stats with those of your competitors. You can also check the number of visitors they are attracting. This will help you understand if your strategies and website are engaging enough to beat your competitors.

Increasing conversion rate with Google Analytics

Enhance Digital makes decoding complex analytical data a lot easier for our clients.

Unlocking customer-centric measurements

Understand how the customers are interacting through your app or site and their entire lifecycle. This helps you pick up their preferences, where they spend more time, and what they don’t like about your store

Get smarter insights to
improve ROI

Uncover valuable information and predict customer actions by leveraging the power of Machine Learning

Making the data work for you

Once you understand what the metrics are pointing at, your focus needs to be on connecting your insights to the results. You can take necessary action to optimize your marketing performance with integrations across the publisher tools and Google’s advertising. We help you break down the data and generate easy-to-use shareable reports to plan your actions further.

Benefitting from call tracking features

Optimize your campaign trend by tailoring every lead’s experience with personalized call routing, hold messaging, and other automation. Enhance Digital’s special tools help you unlock the intelligence you need to market your products and services.

How does Enhance Digital help you extract valuable information from the analytics?

The experts at Enhance Digital use advanced analytics to understand what kind of content you must share with your target audience, understand why visitors are bouncing off the site, and understand which social media platforms to target. Our call tracking feature lets you track texts, calls, forms, and chats conveniently like you track clicks on your site or campaign links. We equip you with the vital metrics you need so you spend smarter on your marketing campaigns.

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